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SubjectRe: [PATCH] to fix xtime lock for in the RT kernel patch
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * George Anzinger <> wrote:
>>What I am suggesting is spliting the mark code so that it would only
>>grap the offset (current TSC in most systems) during interrupt
>>processing. Applying this would be done later in the thread. Since
>>it is not applying the offset, the xtime_lock would not need to be
> ok, you are right, and this would be fine with me. Wanna take a shot at
> it? I've uploaded the -03 patch which is my most current tree. (with the
> do_timer() moving done already.) I've reviewed the TSC offset codepath
> again and i'm not sure where i got the 10 usecs from ... it's a pretty
> cheap codepath that can be done in the direct interrupt just fine.
Tomorrow, uh, later today. Need some sleep now...
George Anzinger

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