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Subject[PATCH 0/12] random pt4: Moving and sharing code
This series focuses on moving and sharing code in
/drivers/char/random.c. It applies on top of -mm2 which contains my
earlier patches.

New bitop:
1 Create new rol32/ror32 bitops
2 Use them throughout the tree

Share SHA code in lib:
3 Kill the SHA1 variants
4 Cleanup SHA1 interface
5 Move SHA1 code to lib/
6 Replace SHA1 with faster version
7 Update cryptolib to use SHA1 from lib

Share halfmd4 hash:
8 Move halfMD4 to lib
9 Kill duplicate halfMD4 in ext3 htree

Move network random bits:
10 Simplify and shrink syncookie code
11 Move syncookies to net/
12 Move other tcp/ip bits to net/
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