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    SubjectRe: [ckrm-tech] RE: [ANNOUNCE][RFC] plugsched-2.0 patches ...
    Marc E. Fiuczynski wrote:
    > Hi Peter,
    >>I'm hoping that the CKRM folks will send me a patch to add their
    >>scheduler to plugsched :-)
    > They are planning to release a patch against 2.6.10. But their patch wont
    > stand alone against 2.6.10 and so it might be difficult for you to integrate
    > their code into a scheduler for plugsched.

    Thats true. The current CKRM CPU scheduler is not a standalone
    component...if it were made one, it would need a non-CKRM interface to
    define classes, set their shares etc.

    However, we have not investigated the possibility of making our CPU
    scheduler a pluggable one that could be loaded into a kernel equipped
    with the plugsched patches AND the CKRM framework. This should be
    possible but not a high priority until there is more consensus for
    having CPU schedulers pluggable at all (we have more basic stuff to fix
    in our scheduler such as load balancing).

    Of course, we're more than happpy to work with someone willing to chip
    in and make our scheduler pluggable.

    -- Shailabh

    > Also, the CKRM scheduler only modifies Ingo's O(1) scheduler. It certainly
    > would be interesting to have CKRM variants of the other schedulers. This
    > points to a whole new level of 'plugsched' in that general O(1) schedulers
    > need to support fair share plugins.
    > Marc
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