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SubjectRe: linux capabilities ?
Hi Chris, thank you for the response.

> This is not exactly safe. It was removed on purpose. See this paper:

I will read the paper before commenting on it further, however I cannot
see what dangers it would really provide that a setuid program doesnt
already have- other than the ability to give another non-root process root
like abilities. However, the more I ponder it, it seems as if you could
accomplish a lot of things with a set of ACL's and Capabilities (think
compartmentalizing everything from each other where no one thing has full
control of anything other than its particular subsystem).

> BTW, CAP_SYS_ADMIN is a lot of privileges, so even this would not be as
> secure as you might hope.

Yes, I am fully aware of that, I had previously written in a current->uid
check as well to get around the capabilities problem, however it didn't
work so I took it out. Portability isn't as much as an issue as 'making it
work on this box'.

> 3 doesn't require any permissions. It's like doing 'dmesg.'

Hrm, am I missing something? Oh wait, duh, I misread that line. ;]

> Since /proc/kmsg is 0400 you need CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH (don't necessarily
> need full override). Otherwise, you are right, you do need CAP_SYS_ADMIN.
> Or just use syslog(2) directly, and you'll avoid the DAC requirement.

Hrm, even a chmod of it didn't appear to really affect things?
I will investigate the CAP_DAC_READ_SEARCH and see how that works, I
appreciate the response.

> The best way is to drop the caps from within the syslogd. Otherwise
> you will gain/lose all caps on execve() due to the way caps actually
> effectively follow uids. Here, I threw together an example of some
> other bits of code I have laying around (run it as root).

Thank you, when I get a second I will take a look through it. I've already
written a couple programs to set/get capabilities, so I am aware of the
interface/api, it was just that even with the capabilities it was not
working ;]
Either way I will take a look through the code, I appreciate the reply.

> thanks,
> -chris
> --
> Linux Security Modules http://lsm.immunix.org


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