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    SubjectRe: [PATCH]sched: Isochronous class v2 for unprivileged soft rt scheduling
    "Rui Nuno Capela" <> writes:

    > OK. Here goes my fresh and newly jack_test4.1 test suite. It might be
    > still rough, as usual ;)

    Thanks for all your work on this fine test suite.

    > This phenomenon, so to speak, shows up as a sudden full increase of
    > DSP/CPU load after a few minutes running jackd while perfectly normal and
    > stable until that moment. Once that occurs, and it does now everytime I
    > run with default parameters (14 clients, 4x4 ports), you
    > end under a horrible XRUN storm--see attached chart--you can even hear it
    > perfectly as the 1KHz audible tone burps and stutters, resembling
    > radioactivity morse pulses.

    Looking at the graph, it appears that your DSP load is hovering just
    above 70% most of the time. This happens to be the default threshold
    for revoking realtime privileges. Perhaps that is the problem. Try
    running it with the threshold set to 90%. (I don't recall exactly
    how, but I think there's a /proc/sys/kernel control somewhere.)

    > So it seems that this showstopper is an issue only under extreme loads,
    > and is probably relative to the hardware you're running into. On my other
    > P4@3.3Ghz/HT desktop I could not reproduce this. Instead, I hit a rather
    > older issue, which comes like the magic 14 client limit. As it seems, I
    > now find trouble when starting more than 14 connected clients, as the
    > jack_watchdog kills everything in sight beyhond that point. This wasn't
    > happening with the jack_test3.2 suite, suspectedly because those clients
    > weren't being connected to each other.

    I'll take a look. The old problem with more than 14 clients has been
    fixed. I routinely run 30 or 40 without trouble.

    Perhaps we're running out of some port resource?

    > Please check this out, and would you try at least to reproduce the naughty
    > behavior such as the pictured on the attached chart?

    Will do.
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