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    Subjectlinux capabilities ?

    I have been playing a little here and there with linux capabilities, and
    seem to be hitting a few snags so I was hoping to obtain some input on
    their current status. The kernel on the box in question is 2.6.10, with
    the CAP_INIT_EFF_SET macro modified to allow init to have CAP_SETPCAP.

    I am mostly trying to accomplish this so that I can run syslog as a
    non-root user and as I understand it by digging through the source, one
    should be able to accomplish this with the CAP_SYS_ADMIN capability-
    however this does not appear to be true ?

    in kernel/printk.c I see

    error = security_syslog(type)
    if (error)
    return error ;

    which is defined in something like include/linux/security.h as a pointer
    to cap_syslog(), which in turn is defined in security/commoncap.c where I

    if ((type != 3 && type != 10) && !capable(CAP_SYS_ADMIN))
    return -EPERM
    return 0;

    Type 3 is:
    * 3 -- Read up to the last 4k of messages in the ring buffer.

    So when I give the process CAP_SYS_ADMIN I still cannot seem to read from
    /proc/kmsg, I also tried giving it CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE just to test to see if
    DAC's were the problem but that didn't seem to help any.

    So with that said, anyone have any idea's as to what I need to do and any
    details on the current state of the capabilities would be helpful.



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