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Subject2.6.10-ac2 - more cdrecord wierdness
I am trying to write a backup CD. The first write goes fine, I have rw 
permission on the device, I use /dev/hdc, all is fine. I can mount the
CD, read it, etc.

However - it was written with the -multi option so I can add things to
it, since most of my backups are 50MB at a time. When I try to get the
size (using a perl script) which does:
cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc -msinfo
I get permission denied. Even if I set cdrecord setuid (as a test, I
don't run that way).

Back to ide-scsi, the perl program allows me to have the best features
of growisofs and some other usefulk features for backing up relatively
small datasets on a single CD.

Just a FYI - I assume there's a good reason why reading the unclosed
filesystem size would compromise security.
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