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SubjectRe: [fuse-devel] Merging?
Il Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:01:09 -0800,  Andrew Morton <> ha scritto:

> Miklos Szeredi <> wrote:
> >
> > Well, there doesn't seem to be a great rush to include FUSE in the
> > kernel. Maybe they just don't realize what they are missing out on ;)
> heh. What userspace filesystems have thus-far been developed, and what are
> people using them for?

For my master laurea thesis I developed PackageFS that aims to
transparently manage packages in several distros.
There are also many other facilities:
- View a directory-based tree of packages (with the files that each package owns)
which can be nested by category, or by priority

In the future
- you will be able to add users to "packages" group to make them able
to manage packages
- you can mount the file system on a cluster to transparently manage
several hosts

You can find my thesis at

I think FUSE is a very good idea (as good as the actual implementation is),
IMHO it should be inserted in the mainline kernel.
Thanks to Miklos and other developers.

Non ci toglieranno LIBERTA'!!!
Luca Ferroni
ICQ #317977679
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