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SubjectRe: Can I ask a smbfs question here?
/usr/sbin/smbmnt ?

After I chmodded /usr/bin/smbmnt one, I got:
libsmb based programs must *NOT* be setuid root.
29612: Connection to nata failed
SMB connection failed

I do not have /usr/sbin/smbmnt

>>not remember which one - found its name in one of FAQs) and specified
>Are you sure it's "users" and not "user" ?
I actually tried both. The reaction is the same (may be synonims?). As
soon as I specify it, codepage= and iocharset= parameters are no longer
recognized and an error message starts to appear in the
/var/log/messages saying that "noexec" parameter is not recognized by
smbfs (Jan 9 15:24:09 NS kernel: smbfs: Unrecognized mount option
noexec). This is actually not a big issue as I could write a script with
"sudo mount /my/mountpoint". And I probably can exclude this line from
my fstab and specify the parameters in this script. This just does not
look very user-friendly to me (ok for my single-user laptop). It appears
that I cannot use fstab with smbfs volumes if I want international

>>Any ideas if it is possible to fix this? I can "sudo mount" all the time
>>but it does not sound right...
>And what's wrong with smbmount ?
>smbmount //server/share /your/mountpoint -o
>Works like a charm as long as /usr/sbin/smbmnt is suid-root
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