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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [request for inclusion] Realtime LSM
On Tue, 2005-01-11 at 13:28 -0800, Matt Mackall wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 12:47:07PM -0800, Chris Wright wrote:
> > Guys, could we please bring this back to a useful discussion. None of
> > you have commented on whether the rlimits for priority are useful. As I
> > said before, I've no real problem with the module as it stands since it's
> > tiny, quite contained, and does something people need. But I agree it'd
> > be better to find something that's workable as long term solution.
> I almost like it. I don't like that it exposes the internal scheduler
> priorities directly (-tiny in fact has options to change these!). So
> perhaps some thought could be given to either stratifying it a bit
> more (>2000 for SCHED_FIFO, >1000 for SCHED_RR, then SCHED_OTHER) or
> separate limits for the different scheduling disciplines.
> Right now, you can make a good argument that SCHED_FIFO > SCHED_RR >
> SCHED_OTHER from a privilege point of view, but that could change if
> we add a pseudo-RT scheduling class of some sort. Similarly, adding a
> discipline means adding an rlimit with the split approach, so that's
> not very friendly either.
> Another way:
> 0-20: normal nice values (inverted)
> >20: privilege to set any RT priority
> Limiting to below normal nice is a little weird and the offset to make
> everything positive is weird as well. Above 20, any RT app can starve
> SCHED_OTHER and it's less important to dole out fine-grained levels
> here as these apps must be engineered to cooperate to some degree
> anyway.

Limiting to positive nice values are needed too. At leased i need such
thing. Normal users are only allowed to increase the nice value (lower
prio). If a user job runs at nice 15 they can't renice it to 5. I get
about 3 calls a week to do this as root.

And the presentation of the usual nice values can be done in userspace.
pamlimits and ulimit already converts values (min -> s, KiB -> Bytes).

And separating the nice and RT part is useful to prevent confusion in
userspace tools and for the admin.

I patched PAM which allows the setting of nice and realtime rlimits in

nice goes from 19 to -20 (internally converted to 0-39).
realtime from 0 - 99.

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