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SubjectRe: help
On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 09:06:08PM +0530, Bhupesh Kumar Pandey, Noida wrote:
> Actually My problem is to report the current problems in hotplugging of
> FC-HBA on PCI Express for kernel 2.6.8 and don't have the hardware, I have
> studied the code, searched and studied the documents available in the
> internet, but I am not able to conclude. That is why I thought of taking
> help from you experienced people.
> I think now the problem is clear to you.
> Please help me.

"It should work" means "there are currently no known problems".

You could ask the same question every single day, but it's much less
annoying for the lkml subscribers if you just follow the relevant
mailing lists.


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