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    Subject100% CPU load on nforce2/3 motherboards with kernels >= 2.6.8
    Good day, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz!

    I've got a severe problem with linux >= 2.6.9 kernels on my PC: any
    read/write HDD IO operations consume 100% of CPU. Kernel is compiled
    with nforce IDE support. Kernel is vanilla from No
    proprietary drivers are installed. My chipset is NForce3 250, CPU is
    Sempron 3100. My MB is GigaByte K8NS Pro.

    My friend (who has an nforce2 based motherboard Asus A7N8X-X) has the
    same problem with >= 2.6.9 kernels. 2.6.7 at the same time works fine
    for him.

    His and mine kernels say that the HDD is in UDMA5 mode. I tried
    switching off ACPI/IO APIC and even Plug'n'Play code with no success.
    Kernel 2.4.28 works perfectly

    With respect, Artem
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