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    SubjectRe: 2.6.10: e100 network broken after swsusp/resume
    On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 11:14:57PM +0000, Matthew Garrett wrote:
    > Does pci=routeirq make any difference?

    I'm not the original poster, and I haven't read this whole thread yet,
    but I may have some useful input...

    I think I'm seeing this problem (with the same symptoms) with both e100
    and 8139too, on two different machines. It started with 2.6.10-rc1-bk24;
    bk23 works fine.

    I haven't tested my e100 system (laptop) as thoroughly as my 8139too system
    (desktop), but this is what I'm seeing with 8139too:

    Adding pci=routeirq makes the problem go away. Using acpi=off *instead* of
    pci=routeirq also makes the problem go away. If I use "noapic" instead
    of acpi=off or pci=routeirq, I get a different variant of the problem:
    Almost immediately after resume, there's a kernel log message that the
    NIC's interrupt has been disabled (I forget the exact wording). Checking
    /proc/interrupts shows that the NIC's interrupt (which is not shared
    with any other devices) has shot up to 100000 interrupts. (This
    phenomenon does not happen if I do not specify noapic.)

    Now I'll go and read the rest of this thread. If there's any more
    information I need to provide or anything else I need to try, let me

    -Barry K. Nathan <>

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