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SubjectRe: silent semantic changes in reiser4 (brief attempt to document the idea of what reiser4 wants to do with metafiles and why
Good day, all,

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Hans Reiser wrote:

> >What about choosing just "..." instead of "metas"? "metas" is string
> >that needs translation etc, while "..." is nicely neutral.
> >
> >cat /sound_of_silence.mp3/.../author
> >
> >does not look bad, either...
> >
> "..." is pretty good, but I think it has been used by others, but I
> really forget who. I could live with "...", but I think "metas" and

Some trojans and rootkits have used it to store files;
/usr/lib/... , /usr/doc/... , /usr/sbin/... , /usr/local/bin/... ,
/dev/... , and /usr/include/... are used by bobkit.
This might trigger false positives for rootkit detection tools
like chkrootkit and rootkit-hunter.
- Bill

"What is the most effective Windows NT remote management tool?
A car."
-- Network Intrusion Detection, An Analyst's Handbook
2nd Edition, 2000
Stephen Northcutt et al, page 147
(Courtesy of Rodrigo Goya <>)
William Stearns ( Mason, Buildkernel, freedups, p0f,
rsync-backup, ssh-keyinstall, dns-check, more at:
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