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SubjectRe: NVIDIA Driver 1.0-6111 fix
On Sad, 2004-09-04 at 22:22, Lee Revell wrote:
> I have never understood why these people don't just run Windows. I have
> also never understood why people make so much noise about having to use
> a closed source driver to play A CLOSED SOURCE GAME! What's next, a
> petition to open the UT2004 source? Sheesh...

Because a lot of them happen to like running things on Linux, or having
the webserver still work while they are blasting aliens. You could ask a
few of them. Thats a rather good idea when you don't understand why
people do something. They also play a lot of open source games - bzflag,
cube, flightgear (which does need a high end video card to do well),
gl-117, neverball etc. Take a look at the happypenguin website some day.

> I suspect many of these users are ricers who tweak CFLAGS and compare
> benchmark scores all day, and cannot bear to use the open source driver
> if it will make their machine 1% slower. I was surprised to find that

There is certainly a strong Gentoo gaming contingent.

> apparently there are open source ATI 3D drivers after all but some
> people are petitioning ATI anyway because these 'aren't as good' as the
> binary ones. So fix it already, this is open source, and if you can't,
> then please learn to write code or STFU.

The source code ones only go for R2xx series, not R300/R400. A browse of
the documentation would have told you that. Whether this will change
nobody knows. Perhaps as R3xx ceases to be leading edge ATI will be nice
to us.


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