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SubjectRe: [Umbrella-devel] Re: Getting full path from dentry in LSM hooks wrote:
> On Fri, 03 Sep 2004 22:05:03 +0200, =?UTF-8?B?S3Jpc3RpYW4gU8O4cmVuc2Vu?= said:
>>Also simple bufferoverflows in suid-root programs may be avoided. The
>>simple way would to set the restriction "no fork", and thus if an
>>attacker tries to fork a (root) shell, this would be denied.
> All this does is stop fork(). I'm not sure, but most shellcodes I've seen
> don't bother forking, they just execve() a shell....
I was not precise enough - it is not just fork, but the LSM catches
every time a new process is created - so we do have some way of generic
catching creation of processes, and denying so, if prohibited.

> It doesn't stop a buffer overflow that does this:
> f1 = open("/bin/bash");
> f2 = open("/tmp/bash", O_CREAT);
> while ((bytes = read(f1,buffer,sizeof(buffer))) > 0)
> write(f2,buffer,bytes);
> fchmod(f2,4775);
> close(f1); close(f2);
You are right! ... as long as a new process is not created, this may do
some damage ... but:

> Papering over *that* one by restricting fchmod just means the exploit needs to
> append a line to /etc/passwd, or create a trojan inetd.conf or crontab entry,
Not mny suid programs would really need to be able to access the /etc
and everything below... E.g. cdrecord (there were a bug a year ago or
something)... it should definitely not have access to the possiblílities
you mention!

> Remember - just papering over the fact that most shellcodes just execve() a
> shell doesn't fix the fundemental problem, which is that the attacker is able
> to run code of his choosing as root.
Good point!

Best, Kristian.
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