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SubjectRe: [Bug 3317] New: Kernel oops in aio_complete while running AIO application

aio_complete() gets called only when we are done with this dio.
Other calls to finished_one_bio() should be fine. dio->result
should have the return value we want to send back. The fix
I made is to call aio_complete() only if we have something to
report back.

One problem is, dio->result gets updated for IO errors bur
doesn't get updated for errors from get_user_pages(). Things
should be fine, but I am not really comfortable retruning half
errors thro aio_complete() and other half thro return value
of do_direct_IO(). I guess its okay, since some of the IO errors
can happen only after we submit the bio.


Daniel McNeil wrote:

>On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 08:52, Badari Pulavarty wrote:
>>On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 08:18, Andrew Morton wrote:
>>>Begin forwarded message:
>>>Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 06:15:18 -0700
>>>Subject: [Bugme-new] [Bug 3317] New: Kernel oops in aio_complete while running AIO application
>>Hi Andrew,
>>I debugged this some more. Here is whats happening:
>>The test program used program text address as buffer to do the READ to.
>>DIO get_user_pages() returned EFAULT. We called finished_one_bio()
>>as part of dropping the ref. to dio. It called aio_complete().
>>do_direct_IO() returned EFAULT to the caller. aio_run_iocb() expects
>>to see EIOCBQUEUED/RETRY, otherwise it calls aio_complete() with the
>>"ret" value. This is where the second aio_complete() is coming from.
>>So we cleanup "req" and on the next de-ref we get OOPS.
>>The problem here is, finished_one_bio() shouldn't call aio_complete()
>>since no work has been done. I have a fix for this - can you verify this
>>? I am not really comfortable with this "tweaking". (I am not really
>>sure about IO errors like EIO etc. - if they can lead to calling
>>aio_complete() twice)
>>Fix is to call aio_complete() ONLY if there is something to report.
>>Note the we don't update dio->result with any error codes from
>>get_user_pages(), they just passed as "ret" value from do_direct_IO().
>This does fix the problem when running on my system (ext3).
>One question, finished_one_bio() is called in 3 places,
>are you sure the other places won't be harmed by this
>I'm also looking over the code and will let you know if
>I see any problems.
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