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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6] Natsemi - remove compilation warnings

    On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > >
    > > +static inline void __iomem *ns_ioaddr(struct net_device *dev)
    > > +{
    > > + return (void __iomem *) dev->base_addr;
    > > +}
    > > +
    > hmmmm. Since dev->base_addr gets exported to userspace, I don't think
    > it's that quick/easy to change.

    Hmm? This maintains the _exact_ old semantics, ie we do exactly what it
    used to do before. The inline function doesn't save the value off
    anywhere, it's really just a nicer way to do a cast in _one_ place rather
    than all over the world. Also, it ends up resulting in just _one_ place
    that knows where to get the base address, instead of several places in
    pretty much every function in the whole driver ;-P

    > Wouldn't it be better to just phase out the base of dev->base_addr
    > completely? I tend to prefer adding a "void __iomem *regs" to struct
    > netdev_private, and ignore dev->base_addr completely.

    Yes. I didn't want to change actual behaviour in a driver that I can't
    even test, so I went for the semantically 100% equivalent cleanup patch
    instead that just changes the syntax and gets rid of the warnings.

    But that's the other advantage of the ns_ioaddr() accessor function:
    somebody who does have the hw can now phase out "base_addr", and just
    change that one one-liner function, and you can now get the base address
    from anywhere you like ;)

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