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    SubjectRe: 2.6.9-rc3 software suspend (pmdisk) stopped working
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    >>>>> "Mitch" == Mitch <Mitch@0Bits.COM> writes:

    Mitch> Kevin Fenzi <kevin-linux-kernel () scrye ! com> wrote:
    >> What do you get from:
    >> cat /sys/power/disk ?

    Mitch> Do you mean /sys/power/state ? /sys/power/disk is for powering
    Mitch> off the disk ? Anyhow here are both of them

    /sys/power/disk is for deciding how to do suspend to disk.
    shutdown = do it with the in kernel code
    platform = do it with the BIOS code

    Mitch> ~% cat /sys/power/disk shutdown ~% cat /sys/power/state
    Mitch> standby mem disk

    Mitch> Remember this worked fine in -rc2.

    Yes, but in rc3 the merge between pmdisk and swsusp1 happened.
    It basically has totally changed between rc2 and rc3.

    So, looks like that setting is right.

    So if you wait until it's done writing out pages and hard power it
    off, does it resume?

    Does it work if you boot with:

    >> If it says "platform" you might try:
    >> echo "shutdown" > /sys/power/disk
    >> I wonder how many of Pavel's speed improvment patches went in with
    >> the pmdisk/swsusp merge in rc3? I guess I can try it and see. :)

    Mitch> The speed improvement that made it stop working surely went in
    Mitch> ;-)

    Well, thats not one we want. ;)

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