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    SubjectRe: New proposed DRM interface design
    --- Dave Airlie <> wrote:
    > >
    > > Will this redesign allow for multiple 3d accelerated cards in the
    > same
    > > machine? could I have say an AGP radeon and a PCI radeon or a AGP
    > > matrox and a PCI sis and have HW accel on :0 and :1. If not, I
    > think
    > > it's something we should consider.
    > should be no problem at all, this is what I consider a DRM
    > requirement so
    > any design that doesn't fulfill it isn't acceptable...
    > of course implemented code may need a bit of testing :-)

    I've been reworking the DRM code to better support two dissimilar video
    card. I pratice on a PCI Rage128 and AGP Radeon.

    I would also like to start making infastructure changes to allow two
    independently logged in users, one on each head. Multihead DRM cards
    will show one device per head. If you set a merged fb mode the other
    head will get disabled.

    This is the general plan I am working towards...

    Jon Smirl

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