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    SubjectRe: The argument for fs assistance in handling archives
    David Masover <> said:
    > Chris Dukes wrote:
    > | On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 08:28:20PM -0500, David Masover wrote:
    > |
    > |>So implement a plugin which knows how to talk to a userland program
    > |>which knows about metadata. The plugin controls access to file-type.
    > |>
    > |>Maybe there ought to be a general-purpose userland plugin interface? So
    > |>that the only things left in the kernel are things that have to be there
    > |>for speed and/or sanity reasons? (Things like cryptocompress and
    > |>standard file/directory plugins.)
    > |
    > |
    > | Ahem,
    > | Wasn't this the goal of GNU HURD?

    > The goal of GNU HURD was to take everything out of the kernel and make
    > it entirely daemons. That's a far cry from keeping a file-type database
    > (historically the realm of file managers) out of the kernel.

    Yep. Traditional microkernel.


    > | I really think you should ask them why they haven't delivered
    > | something useful, then come back to this thread.

    > Honestly? I think it's mostly got nothing to do with architecture. I
    > think it's mostly got to do with politics. Most people would rather
    > hack on Linux, which is already done, than try to develop HURD, which is
    > something new. Most people also enjoy working with Linus (or prefer
    > Linus to the FSF).

    Partly right. Hurd is _much_ older than Linux, and didn't start from
    scratch (Mach was around, and worked). Yet I remember hearing "any day now"
    for Hurd from 86 or 87... and as of now, AFAIU even the people hacking on
    Hurd prefer Linux (because Linux does work, Hurd doesn't).

    > I do not like how Linux is monolithic. I do not like having to reboot
    > to upgrade the kernel,

    Tough luck. An upgrade of the core will _always_ mean rebooting. Plus you
    can replace modules in Linux without a reboot.

    > and I do not like having to run closed software
    > (the nvidia drivers) in the kernel (as in, full privelages, can crash
    > entire system, yadda yadda).

    Me neither. But that is not exactly Linux' fault, binary drivers are quite
    strongly discouraged.

    > But Linux is the best we have.

    By far.

    > The HURD people have delivered at least something. I think there's even
    > a Debian/HURD distro. Whether it's useful probably has to do with
    > whether it's stable/fast, which isn't likely. You hear of Linux news
    > every day, you hear of HURD maybe once in a lifetime -- "Hey, HURD
    > exists!"

    It is still vaporware, some 20 years later.
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