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SubjectRe: mlock(1)
Neil Horman wrote:
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> How feasible is it to create an mlock(1) utility, that would allow
>> priveleged users to execute a daemon such that none of the memory the
>> daemon allocates will ever be swapped out?
>> ntp daemon does mlock(2) internally, for example, but IMHO this is
>> really a policy decision that could be moved out of the app.
>> Unfortunately I am VM-ignorant as always ;-)
>> Jeff
> I think it would be pretty easy to do. Since mlock(2) operates on the
> calling processes vma tree you'd need an interface to the kernel that
> let you specify a child process and an address range to lock. Then in
> the kernel you'd need to translate the pid into task struct and
> replicate the functionality of sys_mlock without the assumption that
> current points to the task that you're modifying. Sounds like something
> you could do pretty easy with a proc file in fact.
> Neil
>> -

Clarification: didn't mean to say child process there. Any process
would be modifiable with this interface I think.

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