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    SubjectRe: Driver retries disk errors.

    Alan> On Iau, 2004-09-02 at 15:30, John Stoffel wrote:
    >> I really think that we need some way to keep such deadlocks from
    >> happening. I really dislike having a device lockup a user application
    >> so hard that it can't be exited. There's no real reason we should be
    >> doing this any more. If we have to, let the user kill it and just
    >> have the kernel make it into a zombie, but at least let the user kill
    >> it off.

    Alan> If you had to reboot file a bug, none of the block error
    Alan> recovery code or below should ever hang indefinitely.

    Once I can reproduce it reliably, I'll send a better report. I've
    been holding off on my comments til now, but got caught up in the

    I also know now that it should timeout and come back to life. I even
    had a back trace on the hung process, but didn't save it. Mea cupla.
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