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    Subject[patch] xpad driver - incorrect axis settings
    Seems the xpad (xbox controller) driver, whilst functioning, reported
    down as up, and up as down, on the analogue joysticks for the xpad.
    Also the L and R triggers were implemented as axis, rather than buttons.
    This patch fixes up both of those issues. I'm yet to have any people
    have any errors with it, although not many people have tested it. Also
    it seems weird that the driver would be reported functioning if the axis
    were inverted, so it might be just an issue with the S controllers from
    Microsoft. I tried contacting the maintainer, but got no response from
    his email account.
    Here's a patch, which patches against most 2.6 kernels, including and 2.6.9, and inverts the axis and fixes the buttons

    As soon as I can find an original xbox controller, I'll test it out with
    my driver to see what it does. Until then, are there any changes anyone
    could suggest? Or if anyone could test it out with an actual original
    xbox controller, or any xbox controller for that matter, it would be
    great. I'm willing to listen to any advice or demands or insults, I am
    not an experience programmer and will make mistakes

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