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SubjectRe: offtopic: how to break huge patch into smaller independent patches?
Hi, Dave Jones wrote:

> diffsplit will split it into a patch-per-file, which could be
> a good start. If you have multiple changes touching the same file
> however, things get a bit more fun, and you get to spend a lot
> of time in your favorite text editor glueing bits together.

You can rip the bits apart instead, and leave the glueing and rip-patching
to the computer.

- edit patch file:
- delete all the parts you don't want applied; freely hand-edit stuff,
and don't worry about the pesky line numbers
- save to new patch file
- run "rediff" to fix up the new file
- run "interdiff" to create a second, clean patch file
containing just the deleted parts
- iterate until finished

All of this is part of the nice patchutils package.

NB: if all else fails, use espdiff(1).
Matthias Urlichs
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