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    SubjectRe: device driver for the SGI system clock, mmtimer
    On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 18:09, Jesse Barnes wrote:
    > I think Christoph already looked at that. And HPET doesn't provide mmap
    > functionality, does it? I.e. allow a userspace program to dereference the
    > counter register directly?


    config HPET_MMAP
    bool "Allow mmap of HPET"
    default y
    depends on HPET
    If you say Y here, user applications will be able to mmap
    the HPET registers.

    In some hardware implementations, the page containing HPET
    registers may also contain other things that shouldn't be
    exposed to the user. If this applies to your hardware,
    say N here.
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