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SubjectRe: Calling syscalls from x86-64 kernel results in a crash on Opteron machines
Arnd Bergmann wrote:

>On Montag, 13. September 2004 16:04, Constantine Gavrilov wrote:
>>We have a piece of kernel code that calls some system calls in kernel
>>context (from a process with mm and a daemonized kernel thread that does
>>not have mm). This works fine on IA64 and i386 architectures.
>You can find the list of system calls that are supposed to work
>from kernel space in asm/unistd.h inside #ifdef __KERNEL__SYSCALLS__.
>On current kernels, that list only contains execve(), which should
>be avoided as well in favor of call_usermodehelper. Other calls
>might work on some architectures but that is not a supported
>interface any more.
>You could call the sys_* functions directly if they are exported,
>but it is unlikely that such code gets integrated in the mainline
>The real answer for your problem highly depends on which syscalls
>you want to use.
> Arnd <><
I can implement differently what I want, though it will be somewhat
kludgy and kernel depenedent (depends on a version and distribution). I
wanted to avoid that. Since what I write is really an application and
not interface, it was very "native" to use application syscall approach.

My real problem is not how to implement it. I want to understand this
specific x86_64 problem.

Constantine Gavrilov
Kernel Developer
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