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SubjectRe: Major XFS problems...
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Jakob Oestergaard wrote:

| <frustrated_admin mode="on">
| Does anyone actually use XFS for serious file-serving? (yes, I run it
| on my desktop at home and I don't have problems there - such reports are
| not really relevant).

I have our fileserver running completly on XFS (because its quota &

I have an internal 60GB HW RAID 1 and an external 4 disk SCSI 400GB
software RAID 5 both running XFS. The Server is NFS, Samba and Appletalk
(thought that is almost not used). NFS is not the main point (except the
servers for sharing a backup disk and two office PCs who run linux there
is no NFS traffic, the rest ~50 PCs connect via Samba). It's Xeon single
CPU box, but I have an SMP kernel because of HT. 2GB ram.

I haven't had a single XFS connected error. It surved 5 hard reboots
because of another external disk that got berserk and forced me to turn
on/off the server.

A nightly backup on another HD on the same box goes well, even from 4
other servers via NFS.

| Is anyone actually maintaining/bugfixing XFS? Yes, I know the
| MAINTAINERS file, but I am a little bit confused here - seeing that
| trivial-to-trigger bugs that crash the system and have simple fixes,
| have not been fixed in current mainline kernels.

well there is the linux-xfs ML ... :)

| If XFS is a no-go because of lack of support, is there any realistic
| alternatives under Linux (taking our need for quota into account) ?

lack of support. in my opinion there work some very bright persons. Main
problem is, that it comes from a system which is completly different
designed than linux and I think this problem still triggers those SMP,
etc bugs.

| And finally, if Linux is simply a no-go for high performance file
| serving, what other suggestions might people have? NetApp?

Well. I am not yet in the TB leage and 200+ user boxes, etc. So I can't
say about that. But that will come soon, and then I will see if I have
to runt about that.

lg, clemens
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