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    SubjectRe: Major XFS problems...
    Jakob Oestergaard wrote:

    ><frustrated_admin mode="on">
    >Does anyone actually use XFS for serious file-serving? (yes, I run it
    >on my desktop at home and I don't have problems there - such reports are
    >not really relevant).
    >Is anyone actually maintaining/bugfixing XFS? Yes, I know the
    >MAINTAINERS file, but I am a little bit confused here - seeing that
    >trivial-to-trigger bugs that crash the system and have simple fixes,
    >have not been fixed in current mainline kernels.
    >If XFS is a no-go because of lack of support, is there any realistic
    >alternatives under Linux (taking our need for quota into account) ?
    >And finally, if Linux is simply a no-go for high performance file
    >serving, what other suggestions might people have? NetApp?
    In my expierence XFS, was right after JFS the worst and the slowest
    filesystem ever made.
    Since than, I am using reiserfs 3.6. I don't need quota for my servers,
    but there is patch avaliable for it I belive, from SuSE.
    ReiserFS is da most reliable FS for linux (with journaling). If you
    don't need journaling, ext2 is da choice.


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