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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] fbdev broken in current bk for PPC
On Friday 10 September 2004 14:00, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-09-10 at 15:28, Antonino A. Daplas wrote:
> > If fb_get_options returns an error, drivers will not proceed with their
> > initialization. The second method is more compatible with the
> > previous setup semantics.
> >
> > I told Geert that if the changes did bite us, then I have no choice
> > but to add support for the second method.
> >
> > So, if you think that the first method is not enough, then I will add the
> > second method. Let me know.
> I submited a patch moving offb to the bottom of the Makefile to at
> least restore normal drivers. For ofonly, a bit more hackish, but
> what about failing register_framebuffer for anything but offb ?

Yes, that should solve the ofonly problem, with the offb in the very last of
the Makefile, though as you said, it's a little hackish, but very simple to
implement. This will work for ofonly though, since
info-> is not necessarily equal to "xxxfb". For instance, offb set
"OFfb" in info->, but the boot option is "offb".

After giving it some thought, I think method 2 might be the best since it
provides compatibility with the old syntax. Especially if users expect
video=xxxfb:off to work. Also, this brings more flexibility in the offchance
we decide to add more options to "video=".

I'm willing to work on this, but if you don't like it, then I'll do the 'fail
at register_framebuffer".


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