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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix sigqueue accounting for posix-timers broken by new RLIMIT_SIGPENDING tracking code
* Roland McGrath ( wrote:
> The introduction of RLIMIT_SIGPENDING and the associated tracking code was
> broken for the case of preallocated sigqueue elements, i.e. posix-timers.
> It wrongly includes the timer's preallocated sigqueue structs in the count
> towards the per-user when allocating them, but (rightly) does not decrement
> the count when they are freed.

Are you sure? IOW, are you seeing a leak of the count? The sigqueue
structure has a lifetime the same as the timer, IIRC. So each time the
signal is sent/received there's no accounting, because it's reused.
But timer create/delete does sigqueue_alloc -> __sigqueue_alloc which
does the inc. and sigqueue_free -> __sigqueue_free which does the dec.
I'm fairly sure I had tested this.

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