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SubjectRe: silent semantic changes with reiser4

> | You do need extra tools anyway, placing them in the kernel is cheating
> (and
> | absolutely pointless, IMHO).
> Repeat after me: plugins in kernel does NOT equal tools in kernel.
> It's not hard to, for instance, imagine a generic plugin for archive
> manipulation which talks to a userspace daemon/library. The kernel
> doesn't know anything other than (maybe) a list of extensions that are
> archives. All else is handled in userspace -- the idea that "this is a
> zipfile" and "zipfiles can be extracted with the 'zip' command" are all
> in userspace.
> It's not about the kernel, it's about the interface. And see my other mail:
> cat
> less
> is a lot easier than
> lynx
> emerge zip
> man zip
> unzip
> cat bar.c
> which already assumes quite a lot of expertise.

If you only want nice user interface, you can have that today. Its
done using coda, and hosted at
When do you have heart between your knees?
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