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    SubjectRe: silent semantic changes with reiser4
    Pavel Machek wrote:
    > > Can I do these already using uservfs?
    > >
    > > cd
    > > less
    > less
    > > less /usr/portage/distfiles/perl-5.8.5.tar.gz/contents/toke.c
    > less /usr/portage/distfiles/perl-5.8.5.tar.gz#utar/contents/toke.c
    > > grep -R obscure_label ~/RPMS
    > I do not think you'd want this. How would you tell grep obscure label
    > without entering archives, then?

    Granted, this is where we need "grep --recurse-into-files" or, more
    generally useful, a find option.

    > > No I can't.
    > > Even using the right "#" names for uservfs ('' etc.), I can
    > > only do the above with convenient paths, completion etc. if I mount
    > > my
    > Well, you can... or at least I had version somewhere that
    > automagically prepended /overlay when file was not found. That way,
    > normal requests were fast and uservfs were used whenever it was
    > needed... At the price of little uglyness and slowing down -ENOENTs.

    There you go... a kernel hook to prepend /overlay works :)
    These hook I keep mentioning, they are really very simple :)

    > > So all I am asking for is a facility to auto-mount with
    > > file-as-directory, and the ability for a userspace daemon to be
    > > notified of regular file modifications synchronously. Both can be
    > > added later, once file-as-directory and moveable mounts are
    > If the userspace daemon is synchronously notified of file
    > modification... will not that lead to very ugly deadlocks?

    Not if it's written properly.

    -- Jamie
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