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SubjectRe: [PATCH] implement in-kernel keys & keyring management

On Sun, 8 Aug 2004, James Morris wrote:
> I would suggest that the /sbin/request-key interface be done via Netlink
> messaging instead. The kernel would generate key create and key update
> messages, to which userpace daemons can respond (similar to e.g. pfkey
> acquire). I think these messages need to be tagged with the key 'type',
> so that the userspace code knows what to generate keys for.

I really disagree.

If you want to use netlink, do so. But do it from the /sbin/request-key
script or binary.

I've never seen a good binary deamon listening for things. It's a horrible
interface. It's undebuggable, it's inflexible, and it's just plain nasty.

I'm just looking at how _well_ /sbin/hotplug has worked out. I believe
that it would have been a disaster done with a binary messaging setup.

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