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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] pirq_enable_irq cleanup
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > On Mer, 2004-08-04 at 19:14, agrover wrote:
    >>This is a cleanup of pirq_enable_irq. I couldn't understand this function easily
    >>so I cleaned it up.
    >>- Hoisted Via quirk to top -- shouldn't break anything but who knows - can someone
    >>with this chipset test?
    >>- Hoisted legacy IDE check too.
    > This looks odd (its hard to read it in diff format in this case). The
    > IDE check is only meant to be done if we look for an IRQ and find none.
    > This tells us the device is only connected for legacy mode.

    > The VIA one is fairly simple. After the IRQ has been identified or
    > selected the VIA needs the "true" PCI IRQ number in the IRQ_LINE
    > register because internal V-Bus devices are routed via IRQ line not via
    > IRQ pin as the PCI spec says.

    Thanks for the explanation.

    So perhaps do you think there's any alternative ways we can make this
    function understandable? I gotta believe there's a way for it to do what
    it needs to without 5 layers of nested if()s.

    Regards -- Andy

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