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SubjectRe: SCHED_BATCH and SCHED_BATCH numbering
Albert Cahalan wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 23:06, Nick Piggin wrote:
>>Peter Williams wrote:
>>>Nick Piggin wrote:
>>>>However if you add or remove scheduling policies, your
>>>>p->policy method breaks.
>>>Not if Albert's numbering system is used.
>>What if another realtime policy is added? Or one is removed?
> What if, what if...
> You're going to have to change the code anyway.
> One might toss this into <linux/sched.h> to make
> as a nice reminder:

I'm not saying your renumbering is a bad idea, but making the
argument that it would simplify rt_task is bogus.

> As it is now, SCHED_FIFO is already used as a
> bit flag in one place.

But it isn't a bit flag, we're just lucky it works. Submit a
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