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SubjectRe: [PATCH] VFS readahead bug in 2.6.8-rc[1-3]
Nick Piggin wrote:

> Phillip Lougher wrote:
>> Hi,
>> There is a readahead bug in do_generic_mapping_read (filemap.c). This
>> bug appears to have been introduced in 2.6.8-rc1. Specifically the bug
>> is caused by an incorrect code change which causes VFS to call
>> readpage() for indexes beyond the end of files where the file length is
>> zero or a 4k multiple.
>> In Squashfs this causes a variety of almost immediate OOPes because
>> Squashfs trusts the VFS not to pass invalid index values. For other
>> filesystems it may also be causing subtle bugs. I have received
>> prune_dcache oopes similar to Gene Heskett's (which was also
>> pointer corruption), and so it may fix this and other reported
>> readahead bugs.
>> The patch is against 2.6.8-rc3.
> Good work - bug is mine, sorry.

On second thought, maybe not. I think your filesystem is at fault.

Firstly, there possibly is a bug in do_pagecache_readahead which allows
it to
read off the end of the file in a completely serialised situation. But
even so,
notice the absence of locking - i_size can change at any time can't it? Then
your fix will blow up when you race with a truncate, right?

I think you need to handle reading off the end of the file properly: I'm not
too familiar with this code, but IIRC you are allowed to setup pagecache
the end of the file - it gets handled correctly in
do_generic_mapping_read, and
ends up falling off the LRU. This should help you.

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