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    SubjectRe: HIGHMEM4G config for 1GB RAM on desktop?
    >     Martin> I had a patch for a config option, ported forward by
    > Martin> someone at IBM (I forget who, possibly Dave) from Andrea's
    > Martin> original. I think we finally decided (in consultation with
    > Martin> Andrea) we could drop the complicated stuff he had in the
    > Martin> asm code, so it's pretty simple ... something like this:
    > Am I just being dense, or is this patch solving a different problem
    > from "do I really have to turn on HIGHMEM4G just to get the last 128MB
    > of my 1GB of RAM?"
    > It seems to me that none of the PAGE_OFFSET values offered (the patch
    > in allows PAGE_OFFSET to be set to 0xe0000000, 0xc0000000, 0x80000000
    > or 0x40000000, in addition to the 4G/4G value of 0x02000000) are
    > exactly what someone with 1 GB of RAM wants. They'd be forced to go
    > down to a 2G/2G split which cheats userspace of quite a bit of address
    > space (admittedly with only 1 GB of RAM, a process bigger than 2 GB is
    > a bit of a stretch). In any case a 2.75G/1.25G split as suggested
    > earlier works fine with 1 GB of RAM.

    In practice, I suspect 2/2 will do exactly what you want ... and what
    99.9% of people want actually ;-) We could add more options, but be sure
    to mark anything that's not 1GB aligned as not suitable for PAE (as the
    0.5 split was).

    > Also I notice that Con's patch modifies vmlinux.ld.S to update the
    > kernel base address, while this patch doesn't. Is that intentional or
    > is does the patch depend on some other patches that use the defines in
    > page.h somehow as controlled by the following change?
    > += -include $(TOPDIR)/include/asm-i386/page.h

    Dunno ... we should test it really ... it's been a while. IIRC, vmlinux.ld.S
    was hardcoded, so I don't see how it'd work without those mods.

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