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    SubjectRe: Driver retries disk errors.
    On Maw, 2004-08-31 at 14:54, Rogier Wolff wrote:
    > So, can we agree on:
    > - might be needed for
    > - Floppies?
    > - MO drives
    > - older drives

    Other random stuff it saves our backside on we don't know about.

    > How about we set the num-retries to 1, and increase to 8 for
    > "weird devices" (floppy, MO), and older drives.

    Disagree. I want it robust. If you want to set low retry counts then
    the user should do so for special cases like forensics.

    > I do want to make the num_retries thing a configurable parameter,
    > should the autodetect get it wrong: We get drives that we want to
    > recover without the kernel-level retries...

    Making it configurable is good, but I can't help feeling that this
    belongs at the block layer - I wonder what Jens thinks, it might well
    have to be done by the driver because only the driver knows enough but
    the ioctl/config option ought to be common.

    > (still: I argue that you need to consider a "retry-works" error as an
    > early warning that your media is going bad, and you need to get your
    > data off ASAP! If the kernel silently retries and succeeds, the user
    > won't notice a thing and continue using the drive (or MO media) until
    > the error becomes irrecoverable. I recommend we put the retry at the
    > user level. As in "person behind keyboard".)

    M/O media retries generally do the right thing and have the right
    effect. If you want to know if your drive is failing use SMART and ask
    the drive

    Remember: Storage appliance not disk. Treat it like a storage
    appliance and you'll get better results.


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