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    SubjectRe: [2.6 patch][3/3] mm/ BUG -> BUG_ON conversions
    On Sun, Aug 29 2004, Oliver Neukum wrote:
    > Am Sonntag, 29. August 2004 14:03 schrieb Jens Axboe:
    > > > The intention is, to add an option that lets BUG/BUG_ON/WARN_ON/PAGE_BUG
    > > > do nothing. This option should be hidden under EMBEDDED.
    > > >
    > > > In some environments, this seems to be desirable.
    > >
    > > That only makes sense if you are using BUG incorrectly. A BUG()
    > > condition is something that is non-recoverable, undefining that doesn't
    > > make any sense regardless of the environment.
    > Why not? Giving reports about unrecoverable errors is sensible
    > only if the report can be read. On system this is not the case, you
    > can just salvage the memory and let it crash.

    "Unrecoverable" can quite easily mean "something really bad has
    happened, corruption imminent". So maybe you would want BUG/BUG_ON to
    restart the box there, the restart-on-panic should help you there.

    You're mail is not making a case for defining BUG/BUG_ON to a nop, which
    is what the discussion is about.

    Jens Axboe

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