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SubjectMore than 2048 ptys on 2.4.27
Hi all,
Im trying to increase ptys from 2048 to 4096 by doing these things:

Modifying include/linux/major.h:
Increase major numbers to 16
Move slave major start to 231 (according to docs this is available for use)

This appears to work to the point that the kernel doesn't panic on boot (ive
had some fun before now ;) however when an application tries to allocate a
pty I get an: "inappropriate ioctl for device"

As a test I lowered major numbers to 4, set ptys to 1024 and put slave major
start to 138 (should have been 136) and I didn't get this error.

So my question is how do I allow the use of major numbers 231 through to 247
as pty slaves and major numbers 136-144 as pty masters?

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