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SubjectRe: Termination of the Philips Webcam Driver (pwc)

On Fri, 27 Aug 2004, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> What if someone steps up and want to maintain and extend this piece of
> code ? Will you forbid him (as in "not in my tree") ?

I'd suggest you contact the people who have worked on that driver (there's
certainly people outside of nemosoft, at least according to the
changelogs) and see what they feel like and try to gauge how much they
were part of driver development.

I'd _really_ prefer not to step on original authors toes.

Quite frankly, the best option is for people who love the driver to plead
with the author(s). It's totally pointless to flame him/them, that will
just irritate them and make them less likely to be inclined to say "sure,
go ahead and maintain the old driver".

But Greg is right - we don't keep hooks that are there purely for binary
drivers. If somebody wants a binary driver, it had better be a whole
independent thing - and it won't be distributed with the kernel.

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