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    SubjectRe: Still a memory leak with cdrecord
    Frank Steiner <> wrote in

    > I'm not able to really track the problem down, because it is not
    > permanent. PCs that were leaking yesterday, went fine this morning
    > for the first 2-3 CDs, then started leaking again. Another PC
    > that was leaking first, is now burning CDs without problems. All
    > that with DMA always off for all the burners. I've also one
    > PC that is always burning CDs without any leak (and they
    > are all running the same kernel and have the same distribution/
    > packet selection installed...).
    > I've no idea what's causing that flip-flop between leaking/non-leaking
    > behaviour, but some bug is still there. What can I do to provide
    > useful debugging information?
    > Following is the output of the oom killer.

    I'm not sure, but this sounds a bit similar to a problem I am seeing. Are
    you by any chance using the CFQ scheduler?! (elevator=cfq) If so, give
    elevator=as or elevator=deadline a go.

    The problem I'm seeing is that processes that allocate large amounts of
    memory, are OOM killed or cause swap storms.


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