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SubjectRe: Using fs views to isolate untrusted processes: I need an assistant architect in the USA for Phase I of a DARPA funded linux kernel project
Mike Waychison wrote:

> Tim Hockin wrote:
> >On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 04:25:24PM -0400, Rik van Riel wrote:
> >>>You can think of this as chroot on steroids.
> >>
> >>Sounds like what you want is pretty much the namespace stuff
> >>that has been in the kernel since the early 2.4 days.
> >>
> >>No need to replicate VFS functionality inside the filesystem.
> >When I was at Sun, we talked a lot about this. Mike, does Sun have any
> >iterest in this?
> Not that I know of. I believe the functionality Hans is looking for has
> already been handled by SELinux.

Everybody who takes a 3 minute read of SELinux keeps saying it has, but
it hasn't quite, not when you look at the details. SELinux is not
written by filesystem folks, and there are scalability details that matter.

> What is needed (if it doesn't already
> exist) is a tool to gather these 'viewprints' automagically.

It doesn't exist, and viewprints are also not stored with executables
either, so it is not process oriented.

People think the problem is allowing the OS to enact fine grained
security. It is not. The problem is allowing the user to enact fine
grained security, and without a lot of work to automate it, users will
continue to be unable to bear that time cost.

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