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    SubjectRe: silent semantic changes with reiser4
    Rik van Riel wrote:
    > > cat <a >b does not preserve following file properties even on standard
    > > UNIX filesystems: name,owner,group,permissions.
    > Losing permissions is one thing. Annoying, mostly.

    I find losing mtime annoying. That's why I don't use Mozilla's
    download manager (and Navigator's before it) because they presumed
    that mtime isn't worth copying. ncftp and wget do the right thing,
    but it's annoying that I can't use the fancy tools and get the
    metadata _I_ want transferred by them.

    > However, actual losing file data during such a copy is
    > nothing short of a disaster, IMHO.

    Note that file-as-directory doesn't imply that you can store just
    anything into those directories.

    Is it a problem to decree that "file data MUST NOT be stored in a
    metadata directory; only non-essential metadata and data computed from
    the file data may be stored"?

    > In my opinion we shouldn't merge file-as-a-directory
    > semantics into the kernel until we figure out how to
    > fix the backup/restore problem and keep standard unix
    > utilities work.

    Same as xattrs, for data that should be stored.

    But, unlike xattrs, while permissions and C-source-encoding should be
    stored, some of this metadata should _not_ be stored when making an
    archive and perhaps not when making a backup either.

    Personally I wouldn't want an archive containing a file to save and
    restore recomputable metadata like cached, extracted-on-demand MP3 id
    tags and email headers-as-metadata. I'd rather they were recalculated
    when needed, implying a stronger guarantee about their relationship to
    the data from which they're extracted - and implying that a user
    program might not be allowed to set them to inconsistent values.

    -- Jamie
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