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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.9-rc1
In article <>,
Daniel Andersen <> writes:

> As Linus initially said, there is the possibility of releasing a bug-fix
> patch *after* 2.6.9 has been released. This can make things very

Why does this could happen? Do you agree with me that when 2.6.9 is
released, all future versions should be based on 2.6.9? Or it's a BK
issue I don't know?

> confusing when patch-2.6.9 is against and not (or
> 2.6.8). So if we use a rule of always patching against the first x.y.Z
> release (and not the last x.y.z.W by the time the new x.y.Z is released)
> we can assure consistence in the patch management.

Ok, I understand the problem. But isn't it possible to avoid
releasing some 2.6.8.x version after 2.6.9? I mean, I'm not
understanding why this could happen.

Ps: sorry if this question is silly, but I didn't get the point why could be released after 2.6.9.

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Linux 2.6.7
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