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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [broken?] Add MSI support to e1000
    Andi> Yes, the flag word is 0x8b after the call. And
Andi> pci_enable_msi returns 0.

Actually I bet the problem is that the driver is doing request_irq()
on the wrong IRQ. In s2io.c, s2io_init_nic() does

sp->irq = pdev->irq;

and then sometime later s2io_open() does

err =
request_irq((int) sp->irq, s2io_isr, SA_SHIRQ, sp->name, dev);

If you put the call to pci_enable_msi() after sp->irq is assigned, the
driver will request the original irq (which will still be in INTx
mode, of course), rather than the new vector assigned by the MSI core.

- Roland
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