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SubjectRe: PATCH: cdrecord: avoiding scsi device numbering for ide devices
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Bill Davidsen wrote:
| Tonnerre wrote:
|> Well, for that it might be a nice feature to register and delete such
|> filters online, using a register/remove_scsi_filter interface, but
|> well, otoh that might be undesirable security-wise.
| Let me throw out two ideas to see if anyone find them useful.
| 1 - loadable command filters in the kernel.
| Each device could have a filter set, which could be empty to require
| RAWIO capability, or set to a kernel default. Access could be made to
| modify a filter via proc, sysfs, or ioctl. The set method is not
| relevant to the idea.
| 2 - a filter program.
| This one can be done right now, no kernel mod needed. A program with
| appropriate permissions can be started, and will create a command/status
| fifo pair with permissions which allow only programs with group
| permission to open. This allows the admin to put in any filter desired,
| know about vendor commands, etc. It also allows various security setups,
| the group can be on the user (trusted users) or on a setgid program
| (which limits the security issues).
| Note that the permissions on individual devices need not be the same; I
| can have one group for disk, another for CD/DVD. You caould even be anal
| and have the filter time sensitive, etc.
| A 'standard" place for the fifos helps portability, /var/sgio/dev/hda
| might be a directory, with fifos command and status.
| Okay, did I miss something, or can this be solved without any additional
| kernel hacks?

Sorry for jumping in this (hot) thread, but I just want to say something:

This is, IMHO, the way to go. Keeping static white-lists in the kernel
is bad and goes against the 2.6 moto: "do it in userspace".

Anyway, I can imagine that the distros are thinking about the problem
very hard. They can't just delete the cd-burn feature as non-root :-)

Also, many things can be affected by this, right? Scanners, jukeboxes,
ip-over-scsi, etc... A programmable kernel interface or a userspace
helper is the only way. To keep things _fast_, I'd be happy with a simple
# echo 1 > /sys/block/hdd/rawio/enable_rawio_if_user_can_write
brw-rw---- 1 root disk 22, 64 Mar 14 2002 /dev/hdd
Now every member of @disk can trash your data and your cdrom's firmware.

If the admin sets this flag it's his responsability[*].

Nuno Silva

[*] Once you start refusing to let root shoot himself in the foot
there's no way back. You must "fix" 60% of Linux! :-)
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