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SubjectRe: Trivial IPv6-for-Fedora HOWTO
Jeff Garzik [2004-08-23 00:51 CEST]:
> So, thanks to David Woodhouse for showing me how to do this. IPv6
> appears to be very, very close to a Just Works(tm) state.
> These instructions are for Fedora Core 2 users, and describe how to set
> up IPv6 automatically tunnelling (6to4) on an IPv4 network. If you are
> stuck on an IPv4-only network (like most of us), this enables
> communication with IPv6 hosts quickly, easily, and transparently.
> (this HOWTO is archived at
> If you have an iptables ipv4 firewall, you'll want to
> F2) duplicate your ipv4 firewall rules for ipv6, using ip6tables. Some
> things, like masquerade, are not applicable to ipv6.

Does Fedora Core 2 has patches, which add ipv6 statefull inspection to
netfilter? If not, this is only true for rules without statefull

Frank Matthieß

"Was kommt denn als nächstes? Ein Studiengang 6 Semester sendmail mit
Aufbaustudium `sendmail security'?" -- Frank Guthausen
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