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    Thomas Davis <> wrote:
    > Andrew Morton wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > > - Added three more bk trees:
    > >
    > > bk-fb: Some ARM framebuffer driver (rmk)
    > > bk-mmc: ARM-specific media drivers(?)
    > > bk-watchdog: watchdog drivers
    > >
    > > - I'm totally unclear on what's happening with the release_task
    > > sleep-while-atomic bug, and with the CPU hotplug BUG. This kernel will
    > > probably emit might_sleep warnings. Turn off CONFIG_PREEMPT if it gets
    > > irritating.
    > >
    > > - Added Nick Piggin's CPU scheduler to see what happens. See inside the
    > > patch for details. Please test, benchmark, report.
    > >
    > > - This is (very) lightly tested. Mainly a resync with various parties.
    > >
    > Not sure what does what - I'm in the process of going back to, and see if any of this goes away..
    > 1) the ub device kills my SanDisk 8 in 1 reader (SDDR-88) I have to yank it out of the USB port to fix it. fixed by removing the UB device from my config outright.

    Hi, Pete.

    > 2) do not try to modprobe -r ub; it will do wonky things to your machine (I tried in a KDE Konsole, and lost the keyboard, and the terminal just scrolled blank lines..)

    Hi, Pete.

    > 3) Interactivity performance when compiling a kernel (make rpm) sucks. I have a Dell Poweredge 400SC, with a Hyper threaded P4/1GB of ram, ATI Radeon 9600 based video. Load average jumps to the 4's, and stays there - while each cpu in the hyper thread shows about 50% idle time. Mouse pointer jumps all over the place, mouse clicks are lost, menus are slow to drop down, etc..

    Ingo found a ghastly performance problem with X, but that'll be present in as well.
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